Figure 7.

Localization of enolase-1 and -2 in the MCF-10A cell lines. Cells were stained for enolase-1 (red) shown in A-C and for enolase-2 (green) shown in D-F. These confocal images were taken through the z-series and then the z-plane images were stacked together to form the image shown. Therefore, each image represents the total cellular enolae-1 or -2 staining within each field. Subsequently, the enolase-1 and -2 images were then merged together along with the epifluorescent image of the DAPI nuclear stain (blue) and are shown in G-I. The field of MCF-10A As+3 transformed cells are shown in A, D, and G: the field of MCF-10A Cd+2 transformed cells are shown in B, E, and H; and the non-transformed MCF-10A parent cells are shown in C, F, and I. Bar = 10 μm.

Soh et al. Cancer Cell International 2011 11:41   doi:10.1186/1475-2867-11-41
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